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(All times are Greenwich Mean Time.)

09.15–09.30Opening Remarks  
09.30–11.00Session 1: Aesthetics and Institutions of Post-War Modernism
 Ian Pace, ‘The Institution of Modernism’s Advocates in the Radio Stations of Occupied West Germany: A History of Key Individuals under Specific Circumstances’

Monika Żyła, ‘Experimental Studio, Warsaw and Electronic Music Studio, Belgrade – Two Visions of Modernity’

Janina Müller, ‘Critical Encounters: Listening, Mass Media Culture, and the “Neue Hörspiel”’
11.15–12.00Roundtable: Radio and Musical Practice  
 Celeste Oram, Professor John Mowitt and Sam Ridout (chaired by Professor Martin Iddon)  
12.00–13.00Break  (viewing Celeste Oram and Farhad Deylami’s [dwell] (2020))
13.00–14.30Session 2: Radio and Musical Culture  
 Peter Graff, ‘Reimagining Music for Radio Drama: Norman Corwin’s Dramatic Writing for the Columbia Workshop’

Kate Guthrie, ‘Victorians on Radio: The BBC and Twentieth-century Modernity’

Caleb Boyd, ‘Levant contra Adorno: The Case for Radio and the Middlebrow Listener’  
14.45–16.15Session 3: Radio and Modernism Between the Wars
 Danielle Simon, ‘“Capturing the Vital Spirit”: Embodying a futurist radio aesthetic’

Diego Alonso, ‘Radio, Neue Sachlichkeit and “Revolutionary Socialism”: Otto Mayer-Serra’s Theories on “Radio-music” in Weimar Germany (1930–1933) and Republican Spain (1934–1939)’

Camilla Bork, ‘The fear of Noise: Walter Gronostay’s Mord and the Weimar Radio Culture’
 Professor Kate Lacey (University of Sussex)